Umbrella Policy Information


We at Greenwood Agency recommend you consider an Umbrella Policy

Excess umbrella liability policies provide coverage over
and above your basic liability limits.

Don’t let yourself get caught off guard in the case of an unexpected tragic event.
Contact us and we will help you pursue an umbrella policy today.


You accidentally cause a fire to your townhouse that sweeps through four adjacent townhouses causing millions of dollars in damages and seriously injuring two of your neighbors. This results in several lawsuits totaling three million dollars. Your homeowners insurance has a liability limit of $300,000. How will you pay for the damages?


bus accident2

One evening while driving your SUV you dont see a stop sign and broadside a city bus. Several of the occupants on the bus are injured resulting in a large lawsuit. Your auto policy covers part of the cost, but you also have a house with substantial equity. The insurance company of one of the injured goes after you for two million dollars and you only have liability limits of $500,000. If the lawsuit is successfull it could cost you your equity, savings, and any investment accounts you may have.


While walking up to your front door one day, an invited guest trips on a piece of elevated sidewalk. The fall catches the guest off guard and they have no time to brace for it. Severe injuries result from the fall and the medical bills accumulate to over $600,000. Your homeowners liability policy only provides for $300,000. worth of liability coverages. You will owe the balance individually.




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