Report A Claim


It is best to report your claim to our office during regular business hours at 507-534-3861.

Serious claims that occur outside our business hours can be reported directly to your insurance company via the website or phone numbers below.

Prior to calling, please have pertinent details such as your policy number and the facts about your loss.


aaa_logo 800-723-0220
NandEagle Horiz OYS 3C 800-421-3535
auto-owners_cropped 888-252-4626
Gillford 651-345-9972
grinnel 800-362-2041
Hartford3 800-327-3636
imt-insurance_cropped 1-800-274-3531
north-star_cropped 800-622-5230
 progressive_cropped 800-776-4737
west-bend-insurance 877-922-5246

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